The Cooling System Of Kenworth T680: Troubleshooting Coolant Leaks And Overheating Issues

Foothills Group, Calgary: Preserve Kenworth T680 engine. Skilled mechanics for peak coolant system care.

The Cooling System Of Kenworth T680: Troubleshooting Coolant Leaks And Overheating Issues

At Foothills Group, located in the heart of Calgary, Alberta, we know that the longevity of your Kenworth T680 engine relies on maintaining coolant systems. Our experienced mechanics ensure that overheating or damage to your engine will never occur. Every aspect of the cooling system gets checked, cleaned, and serviced. We inspect the water pump, radiator, fan clutch, and coolant lines and can certifiably say that your heavy-duty engine will operate at peak performance and proper temperatures. 

Why Coolant Systems are Important

Imagine your Kenworth T680 cruising down the freeway at top speed. You notice misty steam from your hood, odd thumping noises, and a horrid burnt smell. You pull over for a quick stop to check your heavy-duty truck, and before you reach to pull the hood of your Kenworth, a wave of heat radiates from it—a coolant system issue. An overheated engine may have caused permanent damage to your engine block, cylinder heads, and gasket.

Coolant represents one of the essential fluids in your Kenworth T680 maintenance program. Proper maintenance of your coolant system helps prevent premature engine wear and reduces the likelihood of freezing coolant and degrading coolant. Regular checks will ultimately decelerate the corrosion in your engine.

Common Causes of Overheating 

Water Pump Failure or Damages

A common cause of overheating can begin with water pump damage. The water pump’s responsibility is to circulate coolant through the engine and radiator. According to manufacturers ' recommendations, an overworked water pump degrades over time and requires occasional replacements. It’s difficult to accurately determine the mileage before a water pump needs replacement. Some pumps may last ten thousand and need repair and replacement, while others may hit the million mark and work perfectly fine. 

It’s best to regularly inspect your water pump to prevent overheating and engine damage. Two common symptoms of water pump damage include squealing or chirping noise or visible coolant leakage under your Kenworth T680. Our mechanics at Foothills Group can easily diagnose and repair water pump issues, replacing broken parts using high-quality OEM parts. 

Plugged or Clogged Radiator 

The hot coolant travels through the radiator via coolant lines. Radiators use cold-flowing air to disperse heat from the siphoned coolant but plugged passageway clogs the circulation with debris, sediment, or other contaminants over time and reduces the effectiveness of their job and temperature control. If you notice that your Kenworth T680 leaks coolant, lacks coolant, or has coolant discolouration, then a blockage has stopped efficient flow. When debris dams the passageways, poorly clamped hoses will leak and reduce coolant levels leading to overheating. 

When debris clogs the hoses but leaves enough room for the liquid to squeeze through, the coolant becomes contaminated with rust and sediments. It picks up the dirty traits from the debris it wiggles through and becomes brown in colouration. Not only does this reduce cooling efficiency, but it also introduces contamination, leading to quicker engine degradation and poor performance. 

Our expert mechanics at Foothills Group can diagnose and repair plugged radiator issues, including flushing the radiator or full replacement if necessary. 

Radiator Hose

The largest hoses in the cooling system are the radiator hoses, responsible for flexible connection for coolant to flow between the radiator. The upper radiator hose connects to the hot coolant from the engine, while the lower radiator hose returns the cooled coolant. Like any other component in a heavy-duty cooling system, parts degrade over time. 

Regular maintenance keeps the radiator hose at efficient performance, and regular replacements should be implemented based on manufacturer requirements. A common cause of damage to a radiator is the hose that overheats due to coolant leakages. Cracks or signs of warping may appear due to constant and drastic temperature changes. Our expert mechanics at Foothills Group will diagnose, repair, or replace any issues regarding your radiator. 

Fan Clutch Failure 

One of the most common issues and problems in coolant systems stems from a failing, broken, or damaged fan clutch. The fan clutch activates when the engine gets too hot where the natural flowing air on local roads doesn’t mitigate the heat. Of course, once on the freeway, the fan disengages as the air at top speeds cools the engine. A failing fan clutch may cause the fan to activate too frequently or not frequently enough, which leads to inefficient performance or overheating. Our team of experienced mechanics can repair fan clutch issues quickly and efficiently. 

Coolant Line Leakages 

Coolant flows from the reservoir into the engine. It exits the hot engine towards the radiator before cooling off and reentering it, refreshed by cold air. The coolant lines are responsible for directing the flow of coolant that absorbs the engine’s heat and cools down in the radiator before returning to its job. Leaking coolant hoses create inefficient coolant transfer and loss of coolant. Our mechanics will unscrew the damaged hose, retighten or cut it before tightly clamping down the line. This prevents further leakages and damage. 

Our Promise To You 

At Foothills Group, we are committed to providing high-end services for every aspect of your coolant system. Our team of skilled mechanics is well-versed in troubleshooting coolant leaks and overheating issues in Kenworth T680 trucks, with meticulous inspections, expert diagnosis, and OEM replacement parts. We ensure that your coolant system functions at its best. Don't let coolant leaks and overheating problems compromise your truck's performance and reliability. Bring your Kenworth T680 to us for comprehensive coolant system services, and we'll confidently get you back on the road.

Schedule an Appointment Today 

Don’t wait for an overheating event. Contact us today at Foothills Group to schedule a comprehensive coolant system inspection and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your Kenworth T680 is in safe hands.

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