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Oil and fluid are like the blood of your truck, as long as oil and fluid are sufficient, your vehicle components have the lubrication to work properly and ensure that you keep on trucking. Without the proper oil and fluid, your vehicle will not operate as it is intended to, which is why it is an absolute necessity for you to book oil and fluid maintenance. Have questions? Concerns? Our team of technicians at Foothills Group will ease all your worries, and provide an answer to any of your pending questions. We want to educate you about the health of your vehicle and get you in the habit of taking care of it so it lasts for many years. 

Common diesel truck fluids:

  • Brake fluid
  • Antifreeze/Coolant 
  • Engine oil
  • Hydraulic fluid
  • Washer fluid

What can happen if my oil & fluid is low?

There are many intricate moving parts in your diesel truck. These parts rely on proper lubrication in order to function and to decrease premature wear and corrosion. If your oil and fluid are low in your vehicle then you run the risk of elements of your truck grinding together or seizing up. The overall performance of the vehicle will be hindered by low or old oil and fluid. Your diesel truck will not be able to operate without regular oil and fluid changes, which is why you need to come and see us at Foothills Group. 

What else should I be mindful of concerning oil & fluid?

Be cautious of potential leaks coming from the vehicle. Common leaks occur in the hose pipe of the reservoir of the hydraulic system. Keep a good eye on your hydraulic system, in general, to ensure that leaks are not occurring.

Regardless of the state of your vehicle, get your oil and fluid checked periodically. If you are running low, our technicians will be able to detect it and provide an efficient solution that suits your needs.

Aside from regular oil and fluid maintenance, make sure you also clean your air filter. Less fuel will be consumed if your air filter is clean. Our team at Foothills Group is here to assist you with everything you need to take the best care of your vehicle. 

Foothills Group is committed to handling problems that you can’t easily solve. We have the solution for all your oil and fluid needs. Our team will professionally assess and change your oil and fluid while ensuring that the rest of your vehicle is safe and in good condition.

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