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Foothills Group offers exhaust service on all models of heavy-duty diesel trucks. We have a team of properly trained and qualified technicians who know how to diagnose conditions and solve difficult problems. We want to make things easy for our customers, which is why we will go above and beyond to meet your specific needs.

The exhaust system of your heavy-duty diesel is complicated. Its performance is in turn affected by other vital systems in your vehicle. Exhaust systems directly affect the overall performance of your truck or trailer.  Issues with your exhaust systems, such as clogged manifolds, could lead to decreased power, acceleration and fuel economy. 

Signs of a damaged diesel exhaust system

A hissing or rattling sound coming from your exhaust system is usually a warning sign that something is wrong with it. If ignored for too long, what could be a simple, easy-to-fix issue can quickly escalate. A leaking gasket or crack in the manifold, or exhaust pipe will cause a hissing sound or loud exhaust. A rattling sound usually indicates there is a misalignment in the exhaust system. Not only will exhaust system repair leave your truck rumbling, not rattling, but it will also help decrease the risk of a more costly repair down the road due to parts having greater damage. 

When can engine emissions be harmful?

The exhaust system functions to prevent toxic fumes from building inside your vehicle and also reduces them from being emitted into the environment. The efficiency of your vehicle will be demonstrated by a properly functioning exhaust system. A solid exhaust system yields aesthetic values by displaying quiet engine sounds. It is important that you positively impact our environment and drive safely. Foothills Group is a team of devoted experts who emphasize customer care and promote advanced technology and service solutions. 

  • Issues with the combustion process can result in excessive emissions 
  • A faulty catalytic converter leads to the production of toxic gases
  • The exhaust system's pipes and other connecting parts can become loose or rust after driving your truck on rough terrains

At Foothills Group, we offer exhaust services for our customers. This includes dealing with busted pipes, complicated computer operations and a balance of the fuel-to-air mixture. Considering strict government regulations regarding maintenance standards of commercial vehicles, it is very important to check your exhaust system. If something is wrong with your exhaust system it harms the environment so getting it looked at will not only benefit you but also benefit the health and safety of others. We use industry leading computer-controlled devices to assess and effectively repair your exhaust system. 

As a valued exhaust system service provider, Foothills Group operates on maintenance schedules and a detailed, regularly occurring inspection of the exhaust system. If you have any questions or concerns please give us a call at any time. Foothills Group is your problem-solving, and proactive provider to address all of your exhaust system needs.

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