Frequestly Asked Questions

What vehicles and industries do you service?

At Foothills Group we offer full-service automotive and heavy-duty diesel truck RV and fleet services. Our 3 locations in Alberta (2 in Calgary and 1 in Lethbridge) make booking a service with us easy!

How often should tires be rotated?

We recommend rotating your truck tires every 6000 miles. Foothills Group offers tire services for new tires, rims and TPMS sensors. We are your one-stop tire shop with full installation services for everything we sell.

Do you offer engine repair?

At Foothills Group, we have a team of experienced and certified mechanics that can diagnose and repair your diesel engine to have it working like new again. 

Do you offer alignment services?

Yes!  We offer full-service alignment for light, medium and heavy-duty diesel trucks as well as RVs. 

Do you offer mobile service?

Yes! Foothills Group has mobile service available out of our Calgary locations 24/7.  We work with our customers to accommodate their scheduled downtime. 

Why does my truck pull to the side when I brake?

Your truck may undergo issues with the hydraulic brakes, the steering wheel or chassis. If you notice that something is wrong, book an appointment at Foothills Group and get your vehicle serviced. 

Do you offer any warranty on parts or labour?

Foothills Group extends a 2-year unlimited km warranty on all automotive parts and labour and a 1-year unlimited km warranty on all heavy-duty parts and labour!  We offer a lifetime workmanship warranty on anything that comes out of our shop.

Do you have roadside assistance?

You can rely on Foothills Group’s 24/7 heavy-duty roadside service offered out of our Calgary Heavy-Duty Division in Calgary, AB. Our truck will arrive fully stocked and our expert mechanic will get your rig up and running!

How often should I check my alignment?

We recommend checking your alignment on a yearly basis along with your regular preventative maintenance checks.

Do you offer DPF cleaning?

Foothills Group is known for providing unparalleled DPF cleaning services in Calgary, AB.  Our cutting-edge equipment is the best in the industry for DPF cleaning and is often relied on by other diesel repair shops to fill their DPF cleaning needs as well. 

Do you offer CVIP Inspections?

Absolutely!  Foothills Group is trusted in Alberta to offer CVIP Inspections. 

What should I do if my truck starts to overheat?

You should immediately pull your vehicle off of the road to a safe place. Turn off the engine and avoid checking fluids as it may be dangerously hot. Bring your vehicle to our team at Foothills Group and we’ll take care of the situation.

Heavy-Duty Truck Services We Offer in Alberta

Our heavy-duty services are currently offered at our Lethbridge and Calgary locations.

Automotive Repair & Maintenance Services We Offer in Alberta

Our automotive services are currently offered at our Calgary, Alberta location.