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As an operator or fleet manager, you rely on your heavy-duty truck to perform. But making sure your truck is at its optimal performance can be a lot of work, and part of this responsibility is ensuring that your vehicle is properly and proactively maintained. At Foothills Group, our certified mechanics will work with you to develop a custom preventative maintenance schedule. We rely on details from your specific truck’s manufacturer’s recommendations, the specific usage of your vehicle, and the current mileage and condition in order to determine the best plan of action. From there, our technicians will outline a regular service schedule to ensure you stay ahead of any preventable problems for your truck.  Our preventative maintenance programs can be performed in one of our 3 shop locations or through our 24/7 mobile at your location to provide convenience and work around your scheduled downtime. 

A basic preventative maintenance program covers services such as oil and fluid changes, glow plug inspection, hose repair and tire inspection. But a robust preventative maintenance program covers much more. At Foothills Group, we create a preventative maintenance schedule that includes regular inspections which are designed to prolong the lifespan of your truck. This maintenance schedule proactively identifies and corrects potential problems before they become larger and more costly.

Vehicle maintenance plays an important role in your business and preventive maintenance can not only protect your investments but have a real impact on your bottom line. Unexpected breakdowns or repairs can drive costs and result in lost productivity, not to mention reduce a truck’s overall lifespan. A well-thought-out preventative maintenance plan goes beyond your operational pre-trip inspections and takes a big-picture approach to your vehicle's health and performance.  You can rely on the mechanics at Foothills Group to work with you in order to develop a preventative maintenance schedule that aims to increase your truck’s lifespan, decrease unexpected downtime, increase safety, increase fuel economy, decrease overall repair costs and help improve your reputation by having a dependable vehicle.  The best part is that we’ll send one of our certified technicians to your location and provide full preventative maintenance service around your schedule. 

At Foothills Group, we’ve built our reputation by working with truck drivers and fleet managers to take on heavy-duty diesel truck preventative maintenance.  

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