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It’s no secret that your truck’s brakes are an integral component of your vehicle. The brake system is composed of brake pads, callipers and brake rotors. Your truck’s braking system is bound to wear with regular use over time. The rotors and the brake pads usually wear out first and each truck manufacturer has recommendations for the suggested frequency of brake service. At Foothills Group, we specialize in Dodge, GM, and Ford trucks and our technicians can help work out a preventative maintenance program for your specific model’s braking system. 

It’s important to keep in mind, that regardless of the maintenance program that you have in place for your truck, there are many factors that can lead to premature brake wear and damage. Things such as your driving habits, the road conditions you travel on, the weight of loads you haul and the hardness of your brake pads can all impact how quickly your brakes may wear. 

How to tell that your truck brakes may need service

Truck’s braking systems are designed to provide many early indications of brake wear so that you can get your truck in for service before facing a serious stopping issue. Below are some signs to look for that clearly indicate your truck’s brakes need attention:

  • Squealing or squeaking sounds - This is an early indication that your brakes are thinning. Squealing brake pads are typically caused by excessively worn down pads. 
  • Grinding sounds when braking - If you ignore squeaking sounds coming from your brakes it won’t be long before you start to hear a clear grind when stopping. This is usually your truck’s built-in metal wear indicators, which are designed to make a loud noise and alert you that it's time to replace the pads.
  • Vibration when braking - This is typically a sign that your truck’s rotors are damaged which can create uneven brake pad wear. 
  • Lack of brake performance - a decrease in response time of your brakes, or “soft brakes” can mean your brake pads are worn down completely or that your brake fluid is low.
  • Dashboard light comes on - Your truck may be equipped with an Antilock Braking System (ABS) light or a brake system warning light. If either of these light up on your dash it’s time to get your truck in for service ASAP!

The braking system is arguably the most important part of the truck. If your truck brakes are not functioning properly, you will not be able to decelerate or stop safely, which can easily result in an accident. At Foothills Group, we’ve built our reputation on honest and affordable pickup truck service. Our team will work with you to address your braking problems as quickly as possible to have you safely back on the road.

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"I established a working relationship earlier this year to help fix a fleet of vehicles.  They've worked diligently with me to get my fleet maintenance back in order.The level of service and professionalism I've encountered has been nothing less than 5 star.Great team in place, great execution and diligent, professional service."

Zac Morvis

"These guys do awesome work! I run a 10-ton truck for CPKC and out of all the places I've dealt with foothills had been the best. Just a great group of people with some serious skills. Exceptional work!"

Kayla Kondics

"We took our motorhome in because it wasn’t working properly and they looked at it right away. They found the problem and  fixed it promptly. They are an incredibly friendly, helpful company. We have used them before and we will definitely use them again."

Ian McTaggart

"Terrance to the Rescue. Not only a great Field Mechanic, but a stellar individual.I can't thank Foothills enough. Has anyone ever seen Superman or Terrance in the  same room..... didn't think so just sayin!"

Kevin Paz

"I've been in twice now and received quality work and excellent service... and they did their best to fit me into their schedule both times.Such a refreshing change from other shops I've worked with over the years."

Braden Mills

"Taylor is awesome. The boys got me in and out in record time, while they were already in a pinch. Would recommend taking your truck here"

Darlene K

"Our  company has been in trucking for 44 years and have dealt with several heavy duty repair shops. Foothills Group by far is the most professional caring and invested Repair group that we have ever dealt with across BC Alberta in Saskatchewan. As busy as they are, they listen to your concerns. They discuss the options and bend over backwards to fit your schedule. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs heavy duty repairs."

Andrew Gordon

"We take the fleet vehicles here everytime, super helpful reliable."
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