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Inside every pickup and SUV, there is a little box that functions as the brain of your vehicle. Connected to your truck’s engine, the Engine Control Module (ECM), works to ensure that your vehicle operates at optimal performance. The ECM is responsible for monitoring pretty much all of the sensors in the engine.

What does the ECM regulate?

The ECM monitors and controls key components of your truck’s operating systems: 

Air-fuel ratio

Sensors are used to regulate the oxygen to fuel ratio detected in your exhaust to detect an engine rich/lean reading. Some of these sensors include the mass airflow sensor(s), the oxygen sensor(s) and air-fuel sensor(s).

Idle speed

In your truck’s crankshaft and camshaft(s), there are sensors that monitor your vehicle’s RPM and engine load by scanning the speed of rotation of the engine. 

EGR & DPF system control

The ECM monitors your truck’s EGR and DPF systems. This includes the EGR valve and air intake throttle, ensuring proper management and reduction of nitrogen oxides and particulate matter emissions. Also, DPF system management is designed to burn off accumulated particulate and enable filter regeneration.

Why consider ECM tuning?

The procedure of ECM tuning is intended to improve the performance of your truck by adjusting your engine management system without having to replace its components. This results in greater power, faster engine response and greatly improved fuel consumption. 

With the rising fuel prices across North America recently, and over the last decade, interest in tuning has been growing. Foothills Group employs highly trained and tech-savvy mechanics who are able to respond to the increasing demand for ECM tuning. We have invested in our technology in order to provide efficient custom tuning options which preserve and extend engine life without having any negative impact on exhaust emissions. 

If you are looking to improve fuel economy and/or increase the horsepower of your current engine, get in touch with our service team in Calgary, AB. and we can schedule your ECM tuning. We are so confident that you’ll love your custom tuning that we offer a 1-year, unlimited km warranty on all parts and labour!

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