Truck Diagnostics & Electrical Repair Service in Calgary & Lethbridge, Alberta

Mechanic performing diesel engine diagnostics at Foothills Group

A vehicle’s diagnostic and electrical system is complex because it is responsible for communicating with practically every component of your vehicle. These systems are responsible for a wide host of internal vital functions like batteries, lights, radios, security systems and much more. When the communication becomes disrupted or experiences failure, it can trigger a system alert. Take these warning signs seriously. When a warning light pops up on your dash, it is indicating that there could be an issue. As always, we stress the importance of taking care of a problem early because this will prevent more extensive costs associated with overdue repairs.

At Foothills Group, we are aware that the need for diagnostic and electrical services is inconvenient and at times stressful. You want to know what the problem is and are eager to get it fixed quickly, and that’s exactly what our team is trained to do. We will keep you informed on all aspects of the repair and update you on the status of your vehicle.

Rely on Foothills Group’s certified technicians

Electrical system problems can be hard to properly diagnose, especially with the variety of sizes, and vehicle models on the market. It is extremely important that you seek the guidance of a certified technician who has the right electrical diagnostic tools required to diagnose your vehicle. Foothills Group has a practical understanding of diagnostics and electrical. We have invested heavily in industry-leading diagnostic equipment and built a solid team of extraordinarily gifted technicians who know electrical systems inside and out. Our certified technicians take pride in being leading experts in the industry when it comes to understanding the fundamentals of electrical and diagnosis systems. 

Your heavy-duty diesel truck operates using an intelligent electrical system. The capabilities and intricacies of your vehicle will also mean that you have to invest in a lot of maintenance in order to keep your vehicle in proper running condition.

Common components checked with diagnostic and electrical services

Our team at Foothills Group will do our absolute best to ensure that diagnostic and electrical service does not take up too much of your time. Our diagnostic system will accurately find the issue, which saves us time and allows us to direct our focus on only what needs fixing. 

Some of the most common elements of a diagnostic and electrical service include:

  • Batteries & Cables 
  • Breakers & Fuses 
  • Interior and Exterior Lights 
  • Glow plugs 
  • Starters & Alternators 
  • Wiring 

At Foothills Group, we like to think of ourselves as not only technicians but also problem solvers. We never want our customers to be unnecessarily stressed, which is why we go above and beyond to manage your problem for you.

Read What Our Customers Have to Say About Us!


"I established a working relationship earlier this year to help fix a fleet of vehicles.  They've worked diligently with me to get my fleet maintenance back in order.The level of service and professionalism I've encountered has been nothing less than 5 star.Great team in place, great execution and diligent, professional service."

Zac Morvis

"These guys do awesome work! I run a 10-ton truck for CPKC and out of all the places I've dealt with foothills had been the best. Just a great group of people with some serious skills. Exceptional work!"

Kayla Kondics

"We took our motorhome in because it wasn’t working properly and they looked at it right away. They found the problem and  fixed it promptly. They are an incredibly friendly, helpful company. We have used them before and we will definitely use them again."

Ian McTaggart

"Terrance to the Rescue. Not only a great Field Mechanic, but a stellar individual.I can't thank Foothills enough. Has anyone ever seen Superman or Terrance in the  same room..... didn't think so just sayin!"

Kevin Paz

"I've been in twice now and received quality work and excellent service... and they did their best to fit me into their schedule both times.Such a refreshing change from other shops I've worked with over the years."

Braden Mills

"Taylor is awesome. The boys got me in and out in record time, while they were already in a pinch. Would recommend taking your truck here"

Darlene K

"Our  company has been in trucking for 44 years and have dealt with several heavy duty repair shops. Foothills Group by far is the most professional caring and invested Repair group that we have ever dealt with across BC Alberta in Saskatchewan. As busy as they are, they listen to your concerns. They discuss the options and bend over backwards to fit your schedule. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs heavy duty repairs."

Andrew Gordon

"We take the fleet vehicles here everytime, super helpful reliable."
Foothills Group Coworkers working together

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When our customers come to us for help when in need of a repair, we will go above and beyond to guarantee their experience with us is a positive one. If you are passionate about customer service and want to join a company that promotes family-oriented values and work ethics, reach out to Foothills Group and apply now!