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Nobody ever wants a flat tire to be their reason for missing out on an important delivery or job. A flat tire is a major interruption to your business and daily obligations. The repair or replacement of a heavy-duty diesel truck tire can be a complicated task and it is best that operators and fleet managers rely on the assistance of a trained mechanic. At Foothills Group, we are confident that we can handle all of your tire concerns.

Signs of tire damage

Your tires endure a lot. They get stretched out, they get rolled millions of times, and they are exposed to all sorts of weather. They are subject to brake dust, chemicals and frequent heating and cooling. The anti-aging chemical most tires are composed of will eventually lose elasticity over time and may result in cracks.

Bulges or bubbles may also show up in the sidewall. This appears when the inner lining of the tire becomes damaged from an impact. This impact creates a small hole and then compromises the strength of the sidewall plies. Bubbles can pose a danger to you and other drivers. Come see us at Foothills Group and we will perform a thorough vehicle inspection, which can both detect these issues and provide a solution. If you notice bubbles or bulges on your tires, please do not hesitate to come and see us for immediate service.

Foothills Group are tire experts who keep you rolling

Having a flat tire not only affects you in a negative way but also imposes a great threat to others on the road. We want you to be safe, which means that you will ensure that a professional, trained technician will care for your tires. Our team at Foothills Group will take care of everything for you. We will develop the ultimate course of action for fixing your tires and offer the best prices around. 

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