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Professional truck wheel alignment ensures that your tires connect with the road at a flat, even angle. This increases the function and lifespan of your tires, as well as enhances overall safety.  The experts at Foothills Group in Calgary and Lethbridge, AB. provide quality wheel alignment services. This service helps to prevent your heavy-duty truck from pulling to the left or right while driving, creating a safer and smoother ride, while ensuring that fuel efficiency is maintained.  When wheels are aligned correctly, they will be flat against the road and roll smoothly, creating even wear. This is especially important for heavy-duty trucks that have higher work demands, heavy loads or drive long distances at high speeds.

What’s involved in truck wheel alignment?

The goal of a wheel alignment is to ensure that the wheels of a truck all travel in the same direction and that they are making even contact with the road. 

Alignment equipment clips to your heavy-duty truck's wheels and links to a computer, allowing our professional technicians to perform the most exact measurements and changes for alignment. There are two primary forms of alignment, and our team communicates with you about which option is used based on the suspension system in your truck:

Front-end alignment

The most basic of alignments, including just front-end changes. This is only recommended on trucks with a “fixed” rear suspension that is unable to be adjusted. 

3 axle alignment

A front-end alignment with rear-wheel alignment to align the truck's rear wheels parallel to the front axle and perpendicular to the vehicle's centre point.

Why do I need a 3 axle alignment?   

Many front-end complaints (pulling to either left or right) are a result of a misaligned rear suspension. Imagine a forklift: when you turn the rear wheels, the front goes in a different direction.  A misaligned rear suspension can push the front end either right or left causing you to counter steer and wear the edge of your steer tires. 

How often should I get my tires aligned?

Experts suggest getting an adjustment once a  year and every time you install new steer axle tires.  At Foothills Group, our technicians will work wheel alignment inspection into your preventative maintenance plan and will be sure to discuss your driving and truck’s specifications and come up with a maintenance plan that’s right for you or your fleet.

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