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Suspension system components are vital for control, comfort, and safety. Heavy-duty diesel truck suspensions are subjected to wear and tear over time. Leaf springs, airbags, hangers and shackles also negatively affect the performance, handling and quality of your ride.

Your suspension system allows your wheels to stay in even contact with the road. It enables you to drive smoothly over rough roads, potholes, and off-road terrain. The suspension system is what enables you to brake, steer, and control your vehicle safely. Think of the suspension system as a cushion for your vehicle that protects it from shock and impact from the road surface. When your suspension system is intact it helps to stabilize your vehicle. It provides for an overall smoother ride and helps maintain the proper axle alignment and spacing. 

If you operate heavy equipment every day, the wear and tear can negatively impact the functionality of your equipment. A solid suspension system adds comfort to your ride allowing you to manoeuvre your load on several different types of terrain. The talented technicians at Foothills Group are certified to best handle all of your suspension needs. We want you to enjoy the quality of your driving experience and will ensure your suspension system is up to standard. 

Proper maintenance is important, especially in the case of suspension systems because problems can often be difficult to diagnose. Major issues with the suspension system won’t happen overnight. Usually, these issues take time to develop, unless you have suffered some major damage.

Here are some examples of suspension issues:

  • An excessive tilt of your truck when it makes a turn
  • The ongoing bounce after hitting a pothole or bump in the road
  • The pull of the steering wheel as you drive
  • Tires that wear quickly or unevenly

Unwanted erosion of the suspension system evolves over time, which can make it difficult to determine an issue until it visually comes to your attention. To prevent these problems from occurring, book an inspection with our solutions-orientated team today to ensure that you aren’t surprised by unnoticed damage. An inspection will prevent you from having any worries about unwanted damages. Think preventively and you won’t be bombarded by the stress, cost, and undesired downtime of emergency suspension repairs. 

What is a worn suspension system?

This is when damaged shocks and struts can’t effectively absorb road impact or soften the bumps. With this type of suspension wear, you will feel every bump on a broken road. It can affect the vehicle’s ability to make a turn or take a stop. Book routine inspections with our team at Foothills Group to avoid serious accidents that can be caused by worn suspension components.

It is important to get regular maintenance and suspension inspections because your suspension system endures a lot. Regardless of how strong your truck is, roads are rough, and over time, the shocks created by bumps and potholes in the road negatively impact the overall performance of your vehicle. Air springs are created to provide the comfort of leaf springs with strong coil springs, but road damage, debris or over or under-inflation can impact your truck’s performance. 

The quickest, most effective and easiest way to prevent damage to the suspension system is to have a qualified technician at Foothills Group take a look at it. We will perform all the repairs, maintenance schedules and annual inspections necessary for your vehicle.

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