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An Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) is a valve that also reduces emissions. It operates by cycling part of the exhaust gas back to the engine’s cylinders. The purpose of an EGR is to send gases away from the engine, reducing the amount of nitrous oxide running through the exhaust system. In newer trucks, the valves of EGR are electronically controlled and monitored by an onboard computer system. This allows our technicians to make critical corrections to keep your engine regulated. 

A Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) is a part of the exhaust system of your diesel truck that filters out pollutants and collects soot (carbon) particles. This works by pulling unburned or partially burned fuel from the exhaust before it can exit into the atmosphere. The fuel is then sent again through the engine to be fully combusted.

The EGR and DPF systems of your diesel truck are vital components for proper engine emission control. Routine maintenance is important to confirm correct engine function and proper emission compliance. Although they do reduce emissions, a strain can be placed on your engine by these systems. The lack of regular maintenance can result in further difficulties with your truck.

The EGR and DPF help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but they can also get clogged up over time, especially if your truck is not on a scheduled maintenance program. If this takes place, you will find the efficiency and power of your truck significantly drop.

How to tell if your EGR and/or DPF systems are blocked

Both the EGR and DPF systems can become clogged. The emissions control systems are created for diesel trucks that are often used for towing heavy weight at long distances. Depending on how you are using your diesel truck, you could run into emission control system issues. 

You will know that your DPF needs cleaning when the DPF light on your dashboard lights up. If the DPF is not cleaned or replaced, the build of soot will cause the DPF to be blocked. When the filter becomes clogged up with soot this is another sign that you need to have your DPF cleaned. Your oil level and fuel consumption levels may increase.

DPF Cleaning

Foothills Group specializes in professional DPF cleaning. We utilize the latest technologies to clean your DPF better than competitive shops.  Our DPF machine uses extreme airflow and high pressure to remove dirt and particles from both sides of the DPF. The DPF cleaning service offered through Foothills Group offers optimum filter recovery. A DPF replacement will only be recommended if we find internal damage that cannot be easily resolved.

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"I established a working relationship earlier this year to help fix a fleet of vehicles.  They've worked diligently with me to get my fleet maintenance back in order.The level of service and professionalism I've encountered has been nothing less than 5 star.Great team in place, great execution and diligent, professional service."

Zac Morvis

"These guys do awesome work! I run a 10-ton truck for CPKC and out of all the places I've dealt with foothills had been the best. Just a great group of people with some serious skills. Exceptional work!"

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"We took our motorhome in because it wasn’t working properly and they looked at it right away. They found the problem and  fixed it promptly. They are an incredibly friendly, helpful company. We have used them before and we will definitely use them again."

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"Terrance to the Rescue. Not only a great Field Mechanic, but a stellar individual.I can't thank Foothills enough. Has anyone ever seen Superman or Terrance in the  same room..... didn't think so just sayin!"

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"I've been in twice now and received quality work and excellent service... and they did their best to fit me into their schedule both times.Such a refreshing change from other shops I've worked with over the years."

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"Taylor is awesome. The boys got me in and out in record time, while they were already in a pinch. Would recommend taking your truck here"

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"Our  company has been in trucking for 44 years and have dealt with several heavy duty repair shops. Foothills Group by far is the most professional caring and invested Repair group that we have ever dealt with across BC Alberta in Saskatchewan. As busy as they are, they listen to your concerns. They discuss the options and bend over backwards to fit your schedule. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs heavy duty repairs."

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"We take the fleet vehicles here everytime, super helpful reliable."
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