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Custom ECM Tuning For Diesel Trucks at Foothills Group

Your heavy-duty truck’s ECM is a vital part of modern vehicles. ECM stands for Engine Control Module and it serves as the main computer for the engine and powertrain, ensuring that the vehicle performs and drives as intended. 

The ECM processes the information coming from different sensors throughout your truck and relays the data to the engine.  It functions to control multiple systems of your heavy-duty truck such as the ABS, airbags, cruise control and air conditioning. However, the engine is what the module is mainly responsible for. It optimizes performance and ensures efficiency by controlling the ignition, fuel injection and airflow.

Signs that your ECM might be failing

The most common sign of a bad ECM is a stalling engine paired with a check engine light on the dashboard. There are many reasons why your check engine light might be on, so it’s recommended that you bring your rig in for service as soon as you can once this light appears.  Especially if you notice your truck stalling.  Other signs of a compromised ECM are decreased fuel consumption and problems starting the truck. You may also notice a decrease in engine performance. The team at Foothills Group has access to the most advanced technology to test the function of your ECM and quickly address any possible issues. 

Benefits of ECM Tuning

With the help of various sensors, the ECM interprets data, determining what systems need to be adjusted. It determines what mechanical response is required in order to maintain the truck’s optimal running conditions. ECMs are initially programmed by the manufacturer to work with a specific vehicle. One of the challenges faced by operators and fleet managers is that heavy-duty truck and equipment manufacturers tend to use the same engine across a range of products and applications. With these vehicles having various demands put on them, it’s understandable that remapping your ECM will customize your engine’s parameters to suit your application and how you use your truck/equipment. 

The results of a professional ECM tuning are:

  • Increased horsepower
  • Increased torque 
  • Improved fuel efficiency (as much as 5% to 20%)
  • Cooler running engine
  • More reliable engine performance 

At Foothills Group, our diesel ECM tuning delivers these desired results. We work with operators and fleet managers to determine the most ideal tuning solution for their heavy-duty vehicles. We offer ECM tuning for almost every heavy-duty diesel engine in a range of industries.

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