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The suspension system of your truck is made up of many different parts. The suspension includes key components such as shock absorbers, springs, ball joints and struts. Its main purpose is to support the weight of your truck and any load that you may be hauling. Your suspension system (along with your tires) is also responsible for ensuring that you have a smooth and stable ride. If you often travel on uneven roads, your suspension system works harder to manage its task. This is why regular maintenance is so important for this critical component of your truck. 

How to tell if your suspension might be damaged

Suspension problems can sometimes be challenging to diagnose because the symptoms often can be mistaken for something else. Many of the signs of a damaged suspension system can also occur gradually over time, making them easier to dismiss as “normal”. If you notice any of the below warning signs though it’s recommended to bring your truck into Foothills Group so that our technicians can inspect your truck’s suspension. Doing so early can help us identify possible issues, which can mean the difference between needing major or minor repairs.

  • Difficult steering or holding the steering wheel straight
  • Continued bouncing after hitting bumps or dipping when braking
  • Drifting (not in a cool way) or pulling to one side when taking corners
  • One side of the parked vehicle sitting lower than the other side
  • Increasingly bumpy rides

Instead of the axle being attached to the frame directly, the suspension allows the tires and axles of the vehicle to move independently. This helps cushion your ride by allowing your vehicle to absorb the impact of bumps, cracks and potholes on the road. It also helps to protect any cargo you are hauling while obviously improving driver and passenger comfort. 

When you bring your vehicle in for suspension service at Foothills Group, our experienced team will check components such as the springs, shock absorbers, steering system, bushings, bearings and linkages wear. We’ll also check your wheel alignment, examine the tread wear and tire pressure and ensure that your steering fluid and belt are not compromised. 

Ensuring your suspension meets your needs

Let’s face it, you rely on your truck to carry a large amount of equipment and to provide a smooth ride, so your suspension needs to be maintained and able to handle the demands you put on your truck. If your suspension is not filling your needs, our technicians may discuss with you one of the following upgrade options:

  • Upgrade the shocks
  • Add spring helpers
  • Add torsion bars
  • Use a lift kit
  • Tune-up the suspension

Regardless of the recommendation, be it service or upgrade, you can be assured that when you bring your truck to Foothills Group you will work with a technician who has the expertise to diagnose and repair suspension issues. We are committed to ensuring that your vehicle is riding properly and that you remain safe on the road.

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